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Western Reserve Academy, in Hudson, Ohio, welcomes artistic urban photographer David Bryan Lile|David B Design, to Moos Gallery.

by David Bryan Lile on January 8th, 2015

Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, David Bryan Lile, David B Design

Western Reserve Academy welcomes David Bryan Lile, urban – elemental photographer, to Moos Gallery.

This show runs Friday, Jan. 9, through Feb. 22 and features 35-40 of Lile’s urban landscape and graphic photography.

A resident of Cuyahoga Falls, Lile only began creating photography and art a little more than five years ago. Inspired by his father, a past filmmaker and photographer for Goodyear, Lile’s art focuses on everyday, urban scenery, making its vibrancy come alive.

“I believe every city has a personality,” shared Lile. “I had an epiphany of what each city holds and I enhanced each scene with specialized coloring and layering techniques through Adobe Photoshop. I reworked these images, creating what we don’t always see. I believe that through capturing the personality of the city through my images, my photographic art will allow others to look at life in an entirely different way.”

Lile knows that we don’t always realize the soul, vibrancy and energy that our cities hold. His images may be places in local cities that you pass every day, but through his work he aims to bring them to life.

“I believe that cities can offer something just as beautiful as traditional landscapes and scenery,” explained Lile. “I am an avid bicyclist and recently took a 20-mile ride in Cincinnati, Ohio, where a friend and I shot thousands of images. A few of these will be shared in the Moos Gallery exhibit.”

Along with these recent artistic photographs from his trip through Cincinnati, gallery visitors will see Lile’s work from Cleveland, Columbus, Akron and abstract imagery from various cities.

The Moos Gallery is open Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 3 p.m., and Saturday, 8 a.m. to noon. The gallery is located in the Knight Fine Arts Center at the corner of Hudson-Aurora Road and North Oviatt Street in Hudson, Ohio.

To learn more about David Bryan Lile’s art, visit

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