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David Bryan Lile – David B Design Teams Up With Child Guidance and Family Solutions with their “Growing Up Akron” Event

by David Bryan Lile on August 7th, 2014

This is the fourth year of working with Child Guidance & Family Solutions of Akron, Ohio, with their Growing Up Akron Event on August 15th.

This year they have asked me to share my Akron, Ohio DAVID B DESIGN imagery as a visual exhibit for this Growing Up Akron event.

Also being offered for sale, are all of my web images, in conjunction with GOA, with David B Design making a 25% donation back to Child Guidance, based on the retail cost, for each image sale. This Child Guidance event image sale will last 30 days, from August 15th through September 14th. Please contact me, through my website, after you’ve looked through my image galleries. Enjoy looking through my artistic images from all across the world!!!

It is a continued privilege and honor to work with this organization, which in turn, continues to help influence and give direction to hundreds of people’s lives, throughout the year!


Below, are 3 Akron, Ohio images that have been used for the Growing Up Akron flyers, in past years… 

























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