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Jul 12 15

When Artistic Paths Cross!…Gary Bagnato and David Bryan Lile

by David Bryan Lile

Life truly sometimes has a way of coming around full circle!…A few months ago, a mutual friend throughout the years, between Gary Bagnato and I, told me all about Gary’s amazing and interesting painted artworks.

Gary and I have not formally seen each other for about 15 years and we have each taken diverse paths of life. Yet here we are today, fellow artists, endeavoring, each in our own way, to share our artistic inclinations and talents with the world. I with artistic photography and Gary with his intricate hand painted works.

Gary’s website pretty much sums up the raw talent that he possesses…“Gary Bagnato is a New-Age Gothic Van Gogh. That’s a mouthful, but it reflects the broad spectrum of his art.”

No truer words could be penned! Gary takes his deep, elaborate, insightful and sometimes whimsical creations and adorns them with intense color and layers, all from his inner eye.

From an insightful assessment of Gary work…”Mr. Bagnato oscillates between the world of calm, natural scenes, such as “Nature’s Flame” field of tulips, and cabin-neighbor moonlit owl of “Waiting for Night,” to the world of political-religious-social commentary.” Read more from Cuzann Matessa Deihl’s Commentary on Gary’s work

Glimmers of whimsy with “Fairy Princess” to intense landscapes such as “Star Gazer Lillies” to “Dragon Rider” and “Creation of Destruction.” A very wide spectrum of thought and art indeed.

One particular common artistic perspective that has intrigued me, between Gary and I, is that we both use intense, vibrant, otherworld color, to draw out the soul of each of our subject matter, whether it is my energetic artistic photography, or Gary’s spirited hand painted creations. When you get a moment, check out my artistic and personal friend’s work for yourself.

You will find Gary’s work amazingly interesting and introspective artwork at:

Untitled-1 Untitled-3 Untitled-2




















Untitled-4 Untitled-5

Jun 8 15

David Bryan Lile Exhibits His Artistic Photographic Images At Mustard Seed Market Cafe’ In Akron, Ohio

by David Bryan Lile

I am excited to share that I have teamed up with the Mustard Seed Market Cafe’ in Akron (Fairlawn), Ohio to share my artistic elemental and architectural imagery. I have installed 40 images within this exhibit that reflects the soul and personality of a number of cities across the United States.

This exhibit will be displayed from May 4th through September 4th.

The “Meet The Artist” Evening has been set for Thursday, June 25th, from 6:30 – 8:00pm. I would be thrilled to share my images with you on this very special evening. Thank you for being a part of my life, along with my artistic “Cityscape” and elemental images.

Continue to embrace life each and every day! Remember…That’s art all around us!…All you have to do is find it!

Newsletter MSMC - 06 2015 004





Jan 8 15

Western Reserve Academy, in Hudson, Ohio, welcomes artistic urban photographer David Bryan Lile|David B Design, to Moos Gallery.

by David Bryan Lile

Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, David Bryan Lile, David B Design

Western Reserve Academy welcomes David Bryan Lile, urban – elemental photographer, to Moos Gallery.

This show runs Friday, Jan. 9, through Feb. 22 and features 35-40 of Lile’s urban landscape and graphic photography.

A resident of Cuyahoga Falls, Lile only began creating photography and art a little more than five years ago. Inspired by his father, a past filmmaker and photographer for Goodyear, Lile’s art focuses on everyday, urban scenery, making its vibrancy come alive.

“I believe every city has a personality,” shared Lile. “I had an epiphany of what each city holds and I enhanced each scene with specialized coloring and layering techniques through Adobe Photoshop. I reworked these images, creating what we don’t always see. I believe that through capturing the personality of the city through my images, my photographic art will allow others to look at life in an entirely different way.”

Lile knows that we don’t always realize the soul, vibrancy and energy that our cities hold. His images may be places in local cities that you pass every day, but through his work he aims to bring them to life.

“I believe that cities can offer something just as beautiful as traditional landscapes and scenery,” explained Lile. “I am an avid bicyclist and recently took a 20-mile ride in Cincinnati, Ohio, where a friend and I shot thousands of images. A few of these will be shared in the Moos Gallery exhibit.”

Along with these recent artistic photographs from his trip through Cincinnati, gallery visitors will see Lile’s work from Cleveland, Columbus, Akron and abstract imagery from various cities.

The Moos Gallery is open Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 3 p.m., and Saturday, 8 a.m. to noon. The gallery is located in the Knight Fine Arts Center at the corner of Hudson-Aurora Road and North Oviatt Street in Hudson, Ohio.

To learn more about David Bryan Lile’s art, visit

Aug 7 14

David Bryan Lile – David B Design Teams Up With Child Guidance and Family Solutions with their “Growing Up Akron” Event

by David Bryan Lile

This is the fourth year of working with Child Guidance & Family Solutions of Akron, Ohio, with their Growing Up Akron Event on August 15th.

This year they have asked me to share my Akron, Ohio DAVID B DESIGN imagery as a visual exhibit for this Growing Up Akron event.

Also being offered for sale, are all of my web images, in conjunction with GOA, with David B Design making a 25% donation back to Child Guidance, based on the retail cost, for each image sale. This Child Guidance event image sale will last 30 days, from August 15th through September 14th. Please contact me, through my website, after you’ve looked through my image galleries. Enjoy looking through my artistic images from all across the world!!!

It is a continued privilege and honor to work with this organization, which in turn, continues to help influence and give direction to hundreds of people’s lives, throughout the year!


Below, are 3 Akron, Ohio images that have been used for the Growing Up Akron flyers, in past years… 

























Jun 24 14

David Bryan Lile – David B Design Releases Press Release Regarding Downtown Akron Artistic Imagery Exhibit

by David Bryan Lile

This week, I released a new David Bryan Lile – David B Design Press Release, to the nation’s Top 50 Newspapers,  regarding the Downtown Akron Artistic Imagery Exhibit, that I collaborated with through Downtown Akron Partnership (DAP).

Below, is the content of my Press Release…



 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: June 23, 2014                  

Contact: David Bryan Lile – David B Design

Cell: 330.715.3485

Home: 330.929.6623



Urban Vision Becomes Artistic Reality With Architectural Photographer

AKRON, OHIO –Artist David Bryan Lile captures energy, color and possibilities, with photographic images of ever changing urban core environments.  His pulsating, surreal colors cause you to visually savor electric meters, rusted pipes, ever changing historical buildings and often overlooked urban elements.


Recently, Lile’s “Window’s Project” installed 50 vibrant artistic urban images in four vacant, Downtown Akron windowed storefronts, next to the fabled Akron Civic Theater, a Registered American Historic Landmark. This modern makeover, allowed each viewer to see the potential and beauty, not only within the photograph, but the original structure. Setting this unique urban artwork inside the original storefront windows brought new life to often overlooked architectural details.


The collaborative “Window’s Project” is headed by a group of young professionals within the Downtown Akron Partnership who are working to bring back a thriving civic life to the heart of Akron.


During Lile’s photographic journey, he embraced the term …”Artistic Archival Documentation,” as a creatively artistic method to preserve images of buildings, landmarks and other urban elements that he often later discovered, were torn down or removed.  This “Window Project” gives the Akron city scape a modern day makeover, allowing the audience to view the potential and beauty within the artistic exhibit image, uniquely framed by the original building structure.


“The beauty of The Windows Project is its wide appeal,” said Lile. “During the installation, everyone from executives to construction workers stopped by to talk about the photographs and take a closer look.  Their enthusiasm continues to stoke my desire to capture the life of every city that I have an opportunity to visit and to breathe new life into the urban environment with color and visual energy.”


“Through the application of color and texture, I transform gritty urban scenes into vibrant expressions, of life, beauty and hope,” Lile said. “My intent is to engage and inspire the viewer to perceive energy among the commonplace, hopefulness among despondency and grace among the commonality of everyday life.”


Visit for more information and photographic image galleries.  Full resolution images from my website are available upon news source request for print/publication purposes.



Akron Exhibit Civic 001 Page 2 DBD Exhibit Images

May 30 14

David Bryan Lile – David B Design Commissioned To Photograph Ann and David Brennan Critical Care Center – Akron, Ohio

by David Bryan Lile

Summa Health System, recently commissioned me to create a unique David B Design Artistic Image of the Ann and David Brennan Critical Care Center, located in Akron, Ohio.

As I settled in at my photographic position, smack in the middle of the walkway bridge, overlooking Arch Street, just before sunset, while photographing the essence of the building itself, a Sikorsky Helicopter flew over the Critical Care Center. I was so excited to be able to capture the beautiful flight of that Care Copter, along with the emergency vehicles coming in and then heading back out to serve the community, that I yelled “Yeeessss!” in that walkway bridge.

After I post produced and fine tuned this image, it was then professionally matted and framed by Tomorrow’s Treasures. Following the matting and framing, this image was then presented with respect and appreciation to Ann and David Brennan at their home.

Thank you Brenda Cummins! Thank you for your work with the Summa Foundation. Thank you for once again turning to my professional relationship with Summa Health Systems. I consider my ongoing work with Summa a wonderful privilege. Thank you for allowing me the wonderful opportunity to create this artistic photographic rendering of your Critical Care Center.  Thank you too, for allowing this image to be presented to such a dynamic, caring and gracious couple, as Ann and David Brennan.

May 3 14

David Bryan Lile | David B Design meets the Moos Gallery | Western Reserve Academy Campus | Hudson, Ohio

by David Bryan Lile
I was informed in April 2014, by Alan Doe and Tom Armbruster of the Western Reserve Academy Visual Art Faculty that I was awarded a solo exhibit at the Moos Gallery, on the Western Reserve Academy Campus, in Hudson, Ohio.
My exhibit show will start on January 9, 2015 through February 22, 2015.I am greatly looking forward to this upcoming W.R.A. – Hudson  – David Bryan Lile – David B Design show, next January 2015!It is going to be a wonderful facility and venue in which to share my most recent artistic urban and elemental photography!A reception evening date will be announced as the exhibit date nears.
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, David Bryan Lile, David B Design 04 21 2014 Columbus Windows Moos Gallery 01 Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, David Bryan Lile, David B Design
Feb 14 14

David Bryan Lile – David B Design Images Included In Cleveland Hopkins Airport “Abstract Nation” Exhibit

by David Bryan Lile

On Thursday evening, February 13, 2014, I received my Artist’s Honor Recognition at the Artist Reception Gathering for being one of the winning artists/photographers in the “Abstract Nation” Exhibit at the Cleveland Hopkins International Airport Main Terminal.

It is an honor to have two of my DAVID B DESIGN abstract images chosen for this fabulous and unique juried exhibit.

The exhibit will remain on display in the Cleveland Airport Main Terminal concourse until July 2014.

Jan 1 14

David Bryan Lile – David B Design Gives Akron, Ohio Storefront Windows An Artistic Facelift On Main Street!

by David Bryan Lile

Very exciting news from David B Design!…My Urban Image Exhibit is now showing on Main Street in Downtown Akron, Ohio!

Copy from the recent Downtown Akron Partnership (DAP) Press Release …

“Downtown Akron Partnership (DAP) announces the installation of the Windows Project, a collaboration between DAP, DAP Emerging Leaders, local artist, David Bryan Lile, Main Street Partners LLC and Power Media. Artwork for the project is designed by local artist David Bryan Lile of David B Design.

Lile, an architectural photographer, is an Akron area native and finds beauty in Akron’s urban landscape. Every city has a story and Lile’s work aims to tell the story of Akron. His colorful and vibrant work brings out the personality of the city. Lile’s goal is to integrate architectural and environmental elements into powerful expressions of art. Visit to learn more about Lile and his work.”

A Few Thoughts From Me!…

First…I just wanted to give a shout out to several people who were instrumental in allowing this project to blossom…Suzie Graham (DAP), Kimberly Beckett (DAP), Joe Kist (Power Media), Phil Dickson (Who was the initial visionary of this project!) and my friend and photographer buddy, Kate Reed. I could not have accomplished this exhibit without the help and work of any of these wonderful individuals. Thank you all!

This new MyAkron Windows Display Exhibit on Main Street in downtown Akron, consists of over 50 each, of my Urban – Architectural Images. Several of the exhibit display images are over 6 feet in size and quite dramatic. What is amazing, is that the surrounding architecture seems to meld itself into my vibrant urban images and vice versa. It is quite exciting and a wonderful privilege and honor to share my images with downtown Akron, Ohio, through DAP and the many other downtown and Akron area businesses that add to the vibrancy of this city.

David Bryan Lile – David B Design Images On Main Street America…

In The Heart Of the City!…It doesn’t get any better!

Click on thumbnail to view full size image.


May 30 13

Akron Beacon Journal Features Article About David Bryan Lile – David B Design

by David Bryan Lile

May 24, 2013…

Feature Article in the Community Section of the Akron Beacon Journal…

“Photographer David Bryan Lile sees magic in old buildings”written by Editorial Staff Writer, Jim Carney, in the Akron Beacon Journal newspaper, about my life, my encounter with my Chromosomal Leukemia (CML), my full recovery and my continued passion for Artistic Urban Photography – “Artistic Archival Documentation” as David Bryan Lile – David B Design.

Jim also took Mike Cardew, ABJ Staff Photographer out with us, as I led them on a local photo shoot, in an urban section of Akron, Ohio.  I then post-processed a number of the images, through Adobe Photoshop, that I had captured on our photo shoot. My story and my images appeared in the ABJ on Friday, May 24, 2013

Here is the link to my David Bryan Lile – Akron Beacon Journal Article.  The digital version of the article also features 13 digital images.

Big Thanks to Jim Carney, for writing my article and to Mike Cardew, for his photographs of our urban photographic adventure!






A few of my favorite images that I created from our photo shoot…